photo (8)A native of the Paris area in France, Vanessa Simonard moved to Sarasota in the spring of 2011. She discovered the beauty of the local beaches while she was on vacation and quickly decided to make Sarasota her new home. Like many locals, Vanessa believes in the amazing healing properties of the white sands and waters of Siesta Key Beach. Much of her artwork is a tribute to these magnificent shores.To learn more about Vanessa and her art:




photo (9)
Lloyd Dobson made Sarasota his new home in 2013 when he moved down from Treasure Island, Florida and prior to that the midwest. Lloyd has a track record of putting together many art events and even owned and operated an art gallery in Laguna Beach, California. Lloyd is equally enchanted by the beauty of this location as his artwork can attest. His passion for marketing and the arts leads him to develop and launch Inspire BlueWave together with Vanessa. To learn more about Lloyd and his art :



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